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Quality Media Resources, QMR, produces training videos on HR topics including sexual harassment, general workplace harassment, diversity, conflict management, dialogue, customer service, legal issues, ethics, legal and appropriate use of e-mail, leadership, management skills, dialogue, communication, coaching, mentoring, providing performance feedback, hiring, change management, the ADA, termination, and many other human resources training topics. QMR also distributes HR related CDs and online learning programs on sexual harassment, workplace harassment, legal compliance and other human resource issues.

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Low Cost Online Diversity, Harassment Prevention & Dialogue Video Training from QMR - The Respectful Workplace Company

Adding e-learning or online content to your training mix has not always turned out to be the easy, low-cost option we were led to expect. Despite all the hype, most organizations still find providing streamed video to managers and employees can be more trouble than it's worth. Yet there are few tools that can be as effective and powerful when you have an important message to deliver. QMR has been making strides at simplifying the delivery of streamed training videos at a fair price. Here's what we have developed...

Online free previewing and low-cost training

QMR's most popular programs - "DIALOGUE - Now You're Talking!" on diversity and communication issues, "You Can STOP Harassment" with training for employees and managers on taking responsibility to stop ALL forms of illegal workplace harassment, "PATTERNS" on preventing and responding to sexual harassment, and "The 5 Values of GREAT Customer Service" on serving diverse populations - are all available online for full-length previewing or for streamed delivery of training to your employees' computers. In addition, any of QMR's over 45 titles can be set-up for streaming on request.

We have been working with one of the leading national providers of streamed media to expand and simplify our capability for providing another delivery option for our award winning training videos. You can now get any QMR title on VHS video, DVD or online.

Pricing is based on the number of people trained. You only pay for the programs that are actually viewed by employees, reducing your costs.

QMR will continue to expand this streaming capability as we add more titles and features. Let us know if you have a specific need. We'll do our best to help.

For more information or to view a streamed preview, click here.

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Dialogue – Now You're Talking!

6 Rules of Dialogue

As more and more organizations embrace dialogue as a critical communications tool, we thought you would be interested in the 6 rules needed for successful dialogue. Here they are...

The purpose of a Dialogue is to build understanding and respect, not to win others to our “side” or point of view.

1. Be open and suspend judgment – don’t disparage other points of view.
2. Keep dialogue and decision-making separate - dialogue precedes decision-making, negotiation or action.
3. Speak for yourself, not as a representative, and treat all participants as peers.
4. Listen with empathy - acknowledging you have heard others and that you care.
5. Look for common ground – identifying areas where you agree.
6. Search for and disclose hidden assumptions - especially in yourself.

Adapted From Viewpoint Learning – Dialogue Workbook

For more information on Dialogue, click here.

Congratulations to Dialogue Adopters!

Hundreds of organizations are integrating dialogue into their cultures as a way to facilitate and improve difficult conversations. QMR would like to congratulate the many leading corporations and government agencies who have made the commitment to dialogue. These include...

Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Boston College
Campbell Soup Company
Carnegie Mellon University
City of Lakeland, FL
Ft. Lauderdale Dept of Transportation
Government of Canada (several depts.)
Houston Community College
International Paper Company
Johnson County
Kraft Foods
Missouri Public Service Commission
Mountain America Credit Union
NY Metropolitan Transit Authority
Prince George County
Shell Oil
Sparrow Health Systems
Texas Guaranteed Student Loans
Thurston County, WA
United Defense Contractors
US Air Force
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Bureau of Reclamation
US Department of Agriculture
US Office of Personnel Mgmt.
Virginia Dept. of Transportation
Yellow Book USA
and many more.

To find out what people are saying about Dialogue, click here.

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